Nama Panjang :

 Nazier Muhammad Ariffin

Universitas :

 Prasetiya Mulya Business School

Profile :

 Nazier Muhammad Ariffin (20) is a 2nd year student of Prasetiya Mulya Business School, majoring in Marketing. He is living his life as a gift and enjoying every bit of it even when reality squeezes into its worst scenario possible. Brand development, entrepreneurship, and psychology are his passions. He was the one of the founders of ASEAN Youth Movement, a youth movement that was founded with his colleagues in 2010. Also founder of Brand Pavilion, a brand consulting firm founded in 2012 with classmates.

His life is combining of successes and failures, the best thing is he always learn from his personal experience also from others to improve more. Daily activities carried out dynamically and always try new things to stimulate him to be creative. Expect a lot of things to be learned from Abang None starting from the experience, networking with various backgrounds, share opinions and reasons and many more. Believe that he can do much better if he trained and developed through this time.

He thinks outside the box and break the limits as limits only exist in our heads. Besides hectic days in college, currently Nazier is dedicating himself by actively involve in some competitions and several organizations to do social project, make a lot of friends, and enrich the broadest insight. He makes impacts and contributes as big as he can in every organizations or committees he joined.